A big thank you to all of the music writers who have taken the time to review and share our songs!

“Flourescent pop attentions, decorate the works of The Rungs… ‘Right Rooms’ is another charming wave that gives its all.”   ~ Come Here Floyd

“Fear not, the funk has arrived with the new single “Right Rooms” by indie pop’s The Rungs… The playful synth-pop beat mixes perfectly with the funk-inspired guitars and smooth lyrics.” ~ Get Some Magazine 

“Right Rooms is a refreshing piece of synth-infused, indie-pop music with dreamy vocals, cool guitars and an overall laid-back atmosphere. Check it out below!” ~ Caesar LiveNLoud

“US outfit take their cues from Little Dragon with this smooth and pulsing electro-pop gem [right rooms]” ~ Mystic Sons

“Leftfield without being quirky, serious (lyrically) without being too full of itself, [trees] it’s a complete joy from start to finish and will probably see The Rungs quickly move up the musical ladder to greater success.” ~ Electronic North

“The track [trees] offers everything we came to love from The Rungs: their exquisite guitar work, Mandy Gurung’s characteristically optimistic vocals, the playfulness in form of some analog synths elements, and the overall upbeat production. Bravo!” ~ glamglare

Trees and the indie-pop-rock band from the wilds of Brooklyn, NY impresses us with fabulous synth and attractive sensibilities.” ~ Come Here Floyd

“Think Dubstar, St Etienne and a more relaxed Bis (i.e. after the sugar come down) all produced by Beck and E from Eels, if you will, and you’ll be getting close to the truth of The Rungs. The gorgeous truth.” ~Listen with Monger

“When I unknowingly crack a little smile after absorbing it across music that mold different sounds and unusual textures into songs with a unique familiarity I have never quite experienced before.   That’s where husband and wife duo THE RUNGS (Mandy & Diwas Gurung) come in.. Leaving me intrigued and pining for more.” ~Through My Headphones 

“..the sort of thing that bicycles up and down your insides, never totally leaving. It’s fresh, partly because of the retro sounds, partly because it clearly has one foot in 2014, but mostly because its simply very good. Indeed.”

~Backseat Mafia

“Thank the Lord then for bands such as New York’s the Rungs. Made up of wife and husband team Mandy and Diwas Gurung this is an unusual confection, an electro splatter gun that for the most part fires juicy melodies every which way.” ~MP3 Hugger

“It’s a hypnotic mix of throbbing basslines, chiming guitars, swirling synths with a hint of mystical eastern promise thrown in for good measure.” ~Von Pip Musical Express