House of Thoughts and Trees Live!

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House of Thoughts is a new clothing company influenced by art, culture and music, recently launched in Wales. True to its name, the fall launch party featured underground musicians, artists and poets who presented interpretations of the theme of the night, ‘unorthodox’.

In the midst of launching a new company, our friend and founder of H.O.T was kind enough to also mail us two matching screen printed shirts! They fit perfectly and the unique design was just right for our look at the show.

In our matching House of Thoughts shirts
In our matching House of Thoughts shirts

Fashion seems to be on the brain and in the air this season, at least for me, as I’ve been brainstorming merchandise ideas for our band, working on t-shirt designs and screen print experiments with friends.  Then there was the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show that aired this week, with models decking the runway in elaborate barely-there outfits that folks have been describing as ‘sexy Halloween costumes’. Oh fashion what a bizarre industry you are!

I will stick to clothes that are wearable, comfortable, and available for everyone. Not like the high fashion Victoria’s Secret designs that seem to be exclusive to the tall and thin! Hmm but then again it is fun to fantasize about playing a show in something that could also be compared to a Halloween costume 🙂 hehe

Here is a live video of us performing in our super cool House of Thoughts t-shirts. Friends have already asked me where we got the shirts and it is inspiring to see a motivated young individual launch an artist driven clothing company. And to top it off, the abbreviation, H.O.T, reads ‘hot’!

Powder The Moon & The Rungs at Felicia’s

And now for a little recap of our show at Felicia’s, opening up for Gabriel Tavares and Powder the Moon.

Every Sunday night, Felicia’s hosts free music from 7pm to 9pm. The popular local acts and small touring bands that are drawn to this delicious cocktail bar always ensure good quality, consistent Sunday night entertainment.

It is one of those cozy small venues that has a nice warm vibe no matter how many people are in the audience. A good turnout really packs the place and it is quite the squeeze to make it to the bar or a comfy lounge seat across the room. We were lucky to have a moderately squeezy kind of night 🙂 and intimate type of show, (the first set of seats are only a couple of feet from the mic stands!)

Recently having left my day job due to a repetitive motion injury, (I haven’t written much about that because it is no fun 😦 music is way better and has been the most therapeutic activity, hence our catch phrase, ‘music is the best medicine’ !!! 🙂 ) I was just tickled to see friends from work in the audience. How nice of them to come out and support the band!

We also wore matching shirts that night, from our friends at House of Thoughts clothing company in the United Kingdom. Great shirts and we felt so pro with the matched look.

What made this particular show even more special was that it was the release of a live CD that Gabe had recorded in 2005 when he was invited down to New York city to share a gig with the band Faith at CBGB’s 313 Gallery. The show was one of a series of farewell shows that were scheduled when the legendary Bowery club lost their lease. Aptly named, ‘Live at CBGBs 313 Gallery’, the cd has a great raw roomy feel to it and you can almost make out Gabe hitting the strings of the guitar, just like at the live show. Powder The Moon is a male female duo with Gabe on guitar and Laura Penman on the upright bass. At the show Sunday night, they performed songs off the album and new originals. I love the addition of the upright bass and female vocal touch to Gabe’s solo sound! (Hopefully Powder the Moon will release a live cd someday tooo 🙂 )

Powder the Moon
Powder the Moon

Speaking of CD releases, we’re working on that one! It’ll happen soon, but for now, help share our music on soundcloud and youtube

We greatly appreciate the support!