Matched third-party content on YouTube anyone?

Yes UMPG publishing, I acknowledge that our cover of Iron Maiden’s The Trooper involved playing a song owned by a third-party.

The power of search engines enables us to find information we desire on the web. It still amazes me that I can type a word or phrase or question in Google and instantly retrieve vast amounts of information matching my query. Search engines use algorithms to mine databases for matching content. Beyond our basic queries, a web crawler, or bot that browses the World Wide Web, is an amazing tool for discovering trends in scientific data, determining where advertisements are most effective, and providing publishers with matches to third-party content!

So, what does this mean for us playing cover songs and sharing them with friends online via YouTube? Well, a WebCrawler may match a YouTube cover song to audio content of an original copyrighted version. A content ID claim from the publisher, like matched third-party content, will appear in your video manager and you can either acknowledge or dispute it. Once acknowledged, any advertisement revenue produced by the video goes to the publisher with rights to the content.

Considering the rapid emergence of online music sharing, publishing companies must remain innovative to reduce copyright infringements. With so many free and illegal MP3 downloads, you bet a publisher is going to claim rights to copyrighted content!  No wonder why the music publishing sector is growing 🙂  I’m just happy that my video can still be shared!

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