We survived the CRAQ Barn!

Best annual party? The CRAQ Barn Summer Jam! Wow what a good time. CRAQ stands for Carman Road Artist Quarters and these folks know how to entertain! It was an outdoor wonder-filled art and music fest the way it should be done. Not even the rain, which pretty much continued throughout the entire weekend, could dampen the good vibes.

Before and after our set, we caught some great music by Richie Stearns (hands down my all time fav banjo player) and Big Mean Sound Machine (groovy grooveness dancin times). We played in the second stage, which was an eclectic barn decorated from the floor to the ceiling with all sorts of artwork. We love everyone who came and rocked out with us, thank you all!

That was fun 🙂

After our set, we got down with Big Mean Sound Machine!
After our set, we got down with Big Mean Sound Machine!

Benefit for Nepal

help nepal!

Tonight Diwas will be joined by Dan (Photoreal), Dipesh (Sangharsha), and meee 🙂 for a set of Nepalese folk with some English covers and Rungs songs mixed in.

6PM Playwright Celtic Pub 732 8th Ave, New York, New York 10036

Open Bar is from 6-8 for $40 and music begins at 8:30PM.

All proceeds are going to earthquake relief in Nepal.

Hope to see you there!

benefit help nepal

Healing Nepal

TajiThe past week has been crazy. We are grateful to share that Diwas’s family in Kathmandu is safe. His grandmother, who lives in a village name Taji that was flattened by the recent earthquake, lost her home. She is currently staying in a tent with other villagers. We are praying that Taji will one day return to the peaceful place it was when we visited two years ago (picture to the right).


Thousands are now wrapping their heads around the long recovery process that is underway and one thing we can do to help from overseas is donate to the right organizations. Monsoon season is approaching and things are going to get worse before they get better.


Kathmandu my home” Every morning I hope that it was a nightmare.”Our Subina Shrestha takes us around her hometown Kathmandu and shows how the quake devastated her neighbourhood.Follow our Nepal coverage: http://bit.ly/1EwyNds

Posted by Al Jazeera English on Sunday, May 3, 2015

Wednesday 5/5 we are performing at Fundraiser for Nepal at Playwright Celtic Pub NYC.

Saturday 5/16 Diwas will perform a set of Nepali songs at a Benefit for House with Heart, a home for abandoned children and women development program.

The Rungs Remixed is out now!

Sometimes social media actually does connect people in a meaningful way. That is how our recent Remix EP started, via a meet on twitter. Thank you twitter!

It has been so wonderful to listen to the transformation of our songs by Stafford, Funk Manchu, and Elio Stereo. These guys each have a style of their own and you can hear it come out in the remixes. One thing that they have in common though: They all make me want to dance!

If you want something upbeat to kickstart the day, or just feel like dancing, give this latest remix by Stafford a listen 🙂

Diwas Gurung – Jharana Sahar EP

In between playing Rung’s shows, recording new music, writing songs, and practicing, we’ve got a lot of musical endeavors going on in our house 🙂

Diwas was busy last month in our home studio creating this beautiful Nepali EP! You don’t need to understand Nepali to enjoy these tracks, but just in case, the last song ‘Rubble Disco’ is in English and it is indeed a fun one 🙂

The style of music is Nepali folk-rock fusion. Diwas Gurung’s artist page on Facebook can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/diwasg

BFF one month

Our latest song BFF has been out for about a month now and I feel so happy with the blog support we’ve gotten!! The reviews of our song have been very uplifting and encouraging.

For a number of reasons, we decided to go the DIY promotion route, like we did with our first EP. Here are two blogs that are helping us get our music out there in the world. Feel free to click the links to see what they said about BFF 🙂

Through My Headphones 

Backseat Mafia

One of the biggest rewards of writing a song is sharing it with others, but this is the part that most bands (including us) struggle with. We grateful for the support that is helping us do what we love!

Here is BFF for anyone who hasn’t had a chance to hear it yet:

Last days of winter in Ithaca (at least for us!)

Our recent trip to Ithaca was so much fun! We conveniently waited until March and skipped the super harsh winter period up there 🙂

It was still very cold though, in a beautiful snowy winter wonderland way that we enjoyed. Here I am with my dad at the frozen Ithaca Falls below! This was before our show that we played for his Birthday!

mandy and dad ithaca falls