Elephants for Autism, Thank You!

Elephants for Autism Music Festival in Atlantic City was a blast!

We arrived at the Boneyard venue just in time for our set after getting stuck in traffic, borrowed an amp from our new friends, the Red Hill Ramblers, and played to a super friendly crowd of new faces. Jerry Ryan, the organizer of the Festival, was a very cool dude to meet and it was immediately apparent why so many musicians love working with him. He is a true supporter of music for all! At this Festival, he brought together an awesome and diverse group of bands to help raise funds for providing autistic children with music lessons. How sweet is that?!

After our set (our first out-of-town set that is!) we enjoyed meeting and rocking out to the other acts; Wrath of Typhon, Empty November, Linus in the Sapphire, and Purple Suns to name a few! And of course, being in Atlantic City for the first time, we did have to sneak away to take a stroll on the boardwalk and slip into a Casino to try our hands at gambling. The damage: five dollars lost to the slot machine! Oh we’ll, we didn’t hit it big on the slots so looks like we’ll stick to music! Especially music for a good cause 🙂

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