first Manhattan gig!

Last week’s show at Pianos was a blast. I was so excited to play that I decided to be daring and wear bigger heels than I usually do… they made me feel cool okay!

When we got to the venue, a band called the walking shapes was setting up. They were even more daring than my extra inch in height, (if you can imagine that..), they were doing a crazy 24 shows in 24 hours! Pianos was their 18th gig and despite an exhausting go of a day, their spirits were high. They put on an awesome show.

When we started our set, I was super happy to see some familiar faces. Thank you everyone for coming out!  We played about a 40 min. set and used the house amps for our guitars and Ableton clips, everything sounded great.

And the staff were a very special group.  The sound guy, the door guy, the bartender guy, the booking guy…..all of the guys! (and girls 🙂 ) were filled with good vibes.

Thank you Pianos!

The Rungs @ Pianos
The Rungs @ Pianos


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