Need band stickers?

We have stickers!

A great friend and highly talented artist designed the perfect visual art for us to use as a logo to represent the band.

Thanks to the good folks at, that logo can now adhere itself to endless surfaces! The stickers arrived just in time for the new year and I would definitely recommend to any other musicians out there in need of a sticker. I’m  very happy with the quality of the product, simple ordering process and fair prices from these guys.

If you anyone would like a sticker of our newly designed logo, message us your address and we will happily mail one to you in 2014!


The Rungs stickers
The Rungs stickers

Sunday Funday

It’s so much fun performing music, I just want all of my friends to get to do it too! We have another Sunday show coming up on June 2nd, and this time, I’ve invited some friends to come and play with us. I’m really looking forward to sharing the stage!

Meanwhile, my Photoshop skills are still in their toddler phase, but with each poster I make,  I will hopefully slowly improve….

Here is the poster for Sunday 🙂 

 rungs poster dad prop yell

..its a dual purpose poster with a little inside joke as I found someone’s old prom picture. hehehehehe 🙂 boy were they psyched to see this up around town!

Lets play more shows please!

The best part about loading out after last Sunday’s show was knowing that we have another show just around the corner!  This time it is with a fellow local Ithaca band, Powder the Moon, featuring music by our good friend, Gabe Tavares. For anyone interested, you can listen to his music here:

Having a show to look forward to on the calendar makes my days leading up to it feel so sweet 🙂

At our last show, my camera died while were playing, so hopefully I will get some good video from this one to share!

the rungs @ lot ten