That feeling you get when you’re performing..

I really used to think that playing music at home in the privacy of my comfortable room was the best feeling ever.  If you met me just two years ago, I probably wouldn’t even admit that I played music and not ever would I want to do it in front of anybody!  But now we have a show coming up this Sunday at the Chapter House in Ithaca NY,  and a cannot wait to play on stage.  I love hearing our music wildly fill the air  in a large dimly lit room  and I love how fast the songs seem to fly by in front of a crowd.   It makes me so happy when my friends come to support us and I  literally feel butterflies when  I meet new people who enjoy what they hear.

At some point between two years ago and now, I realized my fear of playing live stemmed from self-consciousness about the possibility of making mistakes, or making a fool out of myself in front of others.  One day something hit me on the head and I thought, “Wait a minute, why should I deprive myself of a new experience because of fear of what others might think?!?  That is the dumbest thing ever!” Today I believe sharing songs through live performance is one of the most rewarding facets of  being a musician.

If any new musicians out there who haven’t yet played for an audience read this,  I encourage you to go to an open mic or book a show!   If you’re waiting for the right time or the perfect song or the best crowd,  throw those notions out the window! That feeling you get when you’re performing will be worth it.   🙂

2 thoughts on “That feeling you get when you’re performing..

  1. Nothing beats the thrill of performing on stage and interacting with a great audience. It’s been far too long since I’ve played out and I miss it every day.

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