Elephant Talk Indie Music Festival 2013

Well it was another exciting weekend for us, and of course, it was filled with music!  indie talk posterWe made it down to Atlantic City for the 4th annual Elephant Talk Indie Music Festival. Elephant Talk Indie Music Magazine’s Jerry Ryan organizes the festival each year and brings indie bands together from NJ and surrounding areas to make some noise in two neighboring music venues, The Boneyard and Le Grand Fromage,  just a block away from the shore. The thing I love about Elephant Talk Indie events is how supportive the bands are of each other. It was great to see so many musicians come together and connect!

Now we didn’t play our best set ever, in fact it was our worst yet. Just prior, Diwas had been out of town recording music for one of his other projects and I had been working over-time a bit. By the time we set up at the festival, we hadn’t even rehearsed a Rungs song for two weeks (pretty much since g-roots)! To add to that, our electronics didn’t make the sound system very happy. But regardless, all shows must go on right!? And on it did. We had fun, and the folks in the audience were just radiating with positive vibrations that sent our tiredness and frustrations far out into the Atlantic Ocean somewhere. It’s so great to be surrounded by people who are in it for the music 🙂 plus we got to sign the Elephant Talk Indie guitar!


Thank you Jerry Ryan and Elephant Talk Indie Music!

Front Desk Runaway

Luckily there was some video caught of our Elephants for Autism Music Festival set at the Boneyard in Atlantic City! This is currently our roughest song, but we decided to give it a go. Not too bad, but definitely time to vamp up the vocal practices!! Check it out:

Note the cool sparkly lights in the background. We need to get some cool sparkly lights!


Music for a good cause

This weekend, we will be heading out to Atlantic City to play at the Elephants for Autism Music Festival! It will be our first out-of-town gig, first time playing at a music event in support of an important cause, and first time in Atlantic City! I am already excited to see some of the other bands at the Festival and feel very thankful to Jerry Ryan, the organizer of the event, for all of his dedication and hard work!

Any readers out there in Atlantic City? Here is an article with more information:


Hope to see you there 🙂