Making Time for Music

Hello Blog! I am sorry to have left you unattended for so long!

Since my last post, we’ve recorded two songs that we’ve been slowly but surely taking our time on.  I didn’t expect us to take this much time, but I’m afraid I’ve spread myself so thin over too many other projects. Most of these are extra assignments at work, home improvements, a few family gatherings, and then those little ongoing obligatory chores.

And now, here I am. Almost an entire month later, with a couple of incomplete songs and a neglected blog! Which brings me to the point of this post.

I often meet musicians and artists who struggle to make time for their craft. (guilty here!) Months can turn into years that go by as creative endeavors sit on the side, waiting for attention. As the ideas keep collecting in our heads, our desire to see them develop into  visible or audible form grows. It grows!

I’ve found that making time for music and art is easy if you define to yourself what it is that you really want to achieve. I must remember to ask myself, ‘Okay, what projects do you want to see through?!?!’

Then, before signing up for everything from here to the moon, and saying yes to every invitation and favor that is asked, I must remember to ask myself ‘Do you really have time for this? What does your creative idea, the one that is burning a hole in your brain and crying for attention, have to say about this?!?!’

Here is what my little idea guy has been like for the past month:

finally“Seriously? What about me? I’m not asking for much here. You’ve gotta at least give me something.”

“Ten minutes a day? You can’t spare at least ten minutes a day? C’mon.”

“If you had to feed and walk me, like a real pet, I’d be dead dude. Lets get going on this.”

Soooooo, It’s time to give that patient little guy ( or girl 🙂 ) some love!

Wild Weekends

I must provide a recap on our recent weekend adventure.

It started over a month ago, when a good friend asked Diwas to host one of the weekly open mic nights she organizes in a newly established Brooklyn music venue called Shindig. We love getting out of town and visiting our friends, so of course he agreed, and we put it on our calendar,   ‘a weekend in Brooklyn in June’.  It was May at the time, so adding something to the next month’s agenda felt like such a ways off. But boy does time fly! The weekend was here before we knew it and ended it up being the perfect time to get out of town.

We hit the road early Saturday morning only to get an unexpected surprise on the way….


Our first band flat! I had never gotten a flat before, so I kind of thought it was exciting. The next surprise was that Diwas, a guy who I’ve never seen do much car work, got in there and successfully put on the spare like a pro. Definite road trip buddy! We were back on the road in no time 🙂


We drove for about two hours with the little donut spare, and despite feeling extra nervous in the nyc tunnels, the ride was pretty smooth all the way to Shindig! Our luck returned when we got to the venue in time, found a parking spot right outside, and enjoyed a night of entertaining and diverse open mic performances. Here is some of the crew:


Boogie Shakedown!

What a fun Memorial Day Weekend! Thanks to some very nice friends, we were able to play at a local outdoor party, an annual Boogie Shakedown. The air was a little chilly for late May, but clear skies let the heat of the sun keep us warm. Our set was a rough one, but a few musical kinks can’t stop us from having a blast while playing live 🙂  It’s just encouragement to keep practicing! Plus, we’re our own worst critics right?

rungs at boogie shakedown

There’s no place better than a sunny outdoor party with friends, food, and fuzzy beverages to enter new musical territory..


That feeling you get when you’re performing..

I really used to think that playing music at home in the privacy of my comfortable room was the best feeling ever.  If you met me just two years ago, I probably wouldn’t even admit that I played music and not ever would I want to do it in front of anybody!  But now we have a show coming up this Sunday at the Chapter House in Ithaca NY,  and a cannot wait to play on stage.  I love hearing our music wildly fill the air  in a large dimly lit room  and I love how fast the songs seem to fly by in front of a crowd.   It makes me so happy when my friends come to support us and I  literally feel butterflies when  I meet new people who enjoy what they hear.

At some point between two years ago and now, I realized my fear of playing live stemmed from self-consciousness about the possibility of making mistakes, or making a fool out of myself in front of others.  One day something hit me on the head and I thought, “Wait a minute, why should I deprive myself of a new experience because of fear of what others might think?!?  That is the dumbest thing ever!” Today I believe sharing songs through live performance is one of the most rewarding facets of  being a musician.

If any new musicians out there who haven’t yet played for an audience read this,  I encourage you to go to an open mic or book a show!   If you’re waiting for the right time or the perfect song or the best crowd,  throw those notions out the window! That feeling you get when you’re performing will be worth it.   🙂

Confluence of Anomalies Lyrics

Here are the lyrics to our recently released song, Confluence of Anomalies!

Verse 1
Confluence of anomalies
Weather man explain to me
I couldn’t sleep last night
Cold air in my window tight

Verse 2
Boy you’ve got a lot of nerve
Climbing up your learning curve
World looks rough from here
And all it took to get you there


From a satellite
A sea of lights
Giving you away

And there are no lines
In real life
Dressing up the day

Verse 3
Run business as usual
Isn’t it unusual
So hard to break a trend
Even with an incentive

Verse 4
Weather knows no boundaries
Latitude complexities
Try to draw relationships
All this based on estimates

From a satellite
A sea of lights
Giving you away

And there are no lines
In real life
Dressing up the day

And it looks so small from here
What a shaky sphere
Only currencies of lights
Giving you away
(repeat 3x)

And it looks so small from here
What a shaky sphere
Only currencies of lights
And we’re all here

The end!