What was that, Ratatat?!

Mondays are always sweeter after having an awesome weekend to reminisce about. Weekend awesomeness is difficult to measure,  but I usually base this on the amount of music that was experienced. Whether its writing, recording, practicing, listening, or dancing at a live show…all are considered crucial weekend material!  This one was particularly special. I not only had friends over for a fun Sunday brunch jam followed by a Rung’s practice, but I also got to catch a killer performance by my husband’s recently formed band,  Photoreal, on Saturday night.  What an amazing night!  They played a powerful set of  new songs and ended  with an  impressive cover of 17 years by Ratatat, which I managed to capture on video. Although this is a blog about The Rungs, I can’t stop myself from wanting to share this with my fellow music lovers 🙂

Questions? Comments?

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