Milking – Deerhoof cover from our LOT 10 show!

Before watching this video, I must first tell you the story of the drums. It goes all the way back to when I was a confused little highschooler.   My parents temporarily decided to reward my sisters and I for getting good grades and a drum kit arrived after    my one-year-younger-than-me sister got honor roll. Now none of us really knew how to play music, so setting up a drum kit in my sister’s room was a horrible recipe for loud aimless noise.  As some of you might know, drums have this way of hooking you into a trance. Once you sit there and start playing, its like a black hole of time! (Is this just me?)

The drums survived our beatings through high school, and when my sister moved up to live with me, you bet she brought them! With aged hardware and parts missing, they were first used in the attempted formation of my girl band. I met a girl, she wanted to start a band. Then we met another girl, she wanted to play drums. I happened to a have the drum kit, and we took it from there! We didn’t know a thing about setting up or tuning drums, and we shamelessly used random kitchen supplies to make up for missing parts, like the high hat that we concocted from small grilling sheets. Yes this really happened.

The drums now live in my apartment. New and improved with replaced parts, the drums on the premises come in super handy when friends stop by to jam. They’ve also allowed my husband and me to practice at the same skill level. I am a beginner at guitar, and he is a beginner at drums. Our excitement about this resulted in a recent crazy idea, ‘Lets bring them to our show!’

The best part about our band is that anything goes, so bring the drums we did! It was a blast 🙂




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