Boogie Shakedown!

What a fun Memorial Day Weekend! Thanks to some very nice friends, we were able to play at a local outdoor party, an annual Boogie Shakedown. The air was a little chilly for late May, but clear skies let the heat of the sun keep us warm. Our set was a rough one, but a few musical kinks can’t stop us from having a blast while playing live 🙂  It’s just encouragement to keep practicing! Plus, we’re our own worst critics right?

rungs at boogie shakedown

There’s no place better than a sunny outdoor party with friends, food, and fuzzy beverages to enter new musical territory..


Front Desk Runaway

Luckily there was some video caught of our Elephants for Autism Music Festival set at the Boneyard in Atlantic City! This is currently our roughest song, but we decided to give it a go. Not too bad, but definitely time to vamp up the vocal practices!! Check it out:

Note the cool sparkly lights in the background. We need to get some cool sparkly lights!


Music for a good cause

This weekend, we will be heading out to Atlantic City to play at the Elephants for Autism Music Festival! It will be our first out-of-town gig, first time playing at a music event in support of an important cause, and first time in Atlantic City! I am already excited to see some of the other bands at the Festival and feel very thankful to Jerry Ryan, the organizer of the event, for all of his dedication and hard work!

Any readers out there in Atlantic City? Here is an article with more information:

Hope to see you there 🙂




Matched third-party content on YouTube anyone?

Yes UMPG publishing, I acknowledge that our cover of Iron Maiden’s The Trooper involved playing a song owned by a third-party.

The power of search engines enables us to find information we desire on the web. It still amazes me that I can type a word or phrase or question in Google and instantly retrieve vast amounts of information matching my query. Search engines use algorithms to mine databases for matching content. Beyond our basic queries, a web crawler, or bot that browses the World Wide Web, is an amazing tool for discovering trends in scientific data, determining where advertisements are most effective, and providing publishers with matches to third-party content!

So, what does this mean for us playing cover songs and sharing them with friends online via YouTube? Well, a WebCrawler may match a YouTube cover song to audio content of an original copyrighted version. A content ID claim from the publisher, like matched third-party content, will appear in your video manager and you can either acknowledge or dispute it. Once acknowledged, any advertisement revenue produced by the video goes to the publisher with rights to the content.

Considering the rapid emergence of online music sharing, publishing companies must remain innovative to reduce copyright infringements. With so many free and illegal MP3 downloads, you bet a publisher is going to claim rights to copyrighted content!  No wonder why the music publishing sector is growing 🙂  I’m just happy that my video can still be shared!

My first sick show!

Okay, not sick like ‘rad!’ or ‘awesome!’ .. more like under-the-weather-sick. It was pretty rough, but I couldn’t let a stupid cold keep me from playing music!  We played in a local art gallery, with beautiful artwork hanging on all four walls, completely covering them from the floor to the ceiling. The room wouldn’t have been the same without the art. We stood surrounded by intricate colors and designs and it felt wonderful to play music amidst such creativity!  I swear there were charges of energy bouncing off the walls, giving off a buzz. Here is a video of our last song of the set, and guess what, its ‘Trees!’

My first sick show = 100% worth it 🙂


Milking – Deerhoof cover from our LOT 10 show!

Before watching this video, I must first tell you the story of the drums. It goes all the way back to when I was a confused little highschooler.   My parents temporarily decided to reward my sisters and I for getting good grades and a drum kit arrived after    my one-year-younger-than-me sister got honor roll. Now none of us really knew how to play music, so setting up a drum kit in my sister’s room was a horrible recipe for loud aimless noise.  As some of you might know, drums have this way of hooking you into a trance. Once you sit there and start playing, its like a black hole of time! (Is this just me?)

The drums survived our beatings through high school, and when my sister moved up to live with me, you bet she brought them! With aged hardware and parts missing, they were first used in the attempted formation of my girl band. I met a girl, she wanted to start a band. Then we met another girl, she wanted to play drums. I happened to a have the drum kit, and we took it from there! We didn’t know a thing about setting up or tuning drums, and we shamelessly used random kitchen supplies to make up for missing parts, like the high hat that we concocted from small grilling sheets. Yes this really happened.

The drums now live in my apartment. New and improved with replaced parts, the drums on the premises come in super handy when friends stop by to jam. They’ve also allowed my husband and me to practice at the same skill level. I am a beginner at guitar, and he is a beginner at drums. Our excitement about this resulted in a recent crazy idea, ‘Lets bring them to our show!’

The best part about our band is that anything goes, so bring the drums we did! It was a blast 🙂




That feeling you get when you’re performing..

I really used to think that playing music at home in the privacy of my comfortable room was the best feeling ever.  If you met me just two years ago, I probably wouldn’t even admit that I played music and not ever would I want to do it in front of anybody!  But now we have a show coming up this Sunday at the Chapter House in Ithaca NY,  and a cannot wait to play on stage.  I love hearing our music wildly fill the air  in a large dimly lit room  and I love how fast the songs seem to fly by in front of a crowd.   It makes me so happy when my friends come to support us and I  literally feel butterflies when  I meet new people who enjoy what they hear.

At some point between two years ago and now, I realized my fear of playing live stemmed from self-consciousness about the possibility of making mistakes, or making a fool out of myself in front of others.  One day something hit me on the head and I thought, “Wait a minute, why should I deprive myself of a new experience because of fear of what others might think?!?  That is the dumbest thing ever!” Today I believe sharing songs through live performance is one of the most rewarding facets of  being a musician.

If any new musicians out there who haven’t yet played for an audience read this,  I encourage you to go to an open mic or book a show!   If you’re waiting for the right time or the perfect song or the best crowd,  throw those notions out the window! That feeling you get when you’re performing will be worth it.   🙂

Covering ‘Kids’ by MGMT

We recently had a great time playing with the Starry Mountain Sweetheart Band at the Chapter House, one of our favorite pubs in Ithaca!  Here is a rough video from the show; our cover of ‘Kids’ by the psychedelic rock band MGMT. This was such a fun one to play! I also love their song ‘Electric Feel,’ its so funky and danceable.

Hmmm more MGMT songs to cover in the future? I think yes 🙂